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Eurotique offers the finest Hoods, Blindfolds, Gags, Head Gear, and Bondage Gear on the market today. We offer many items in Leather, Vinyl, Latex and other materials for the best in-class designs. Eurotique has been featured on HBO Real Sex, see our ponies and Mistress on this series, you will surely enjoy it!
Eurotique's line of exclusive Blindfolds range from those made in Leather, Fabric and Rubber, and are superior quality and manufacturing. Feel the comfort and little details like not having that submissive be able to peak once blindfolded. We designed
Eurotique's line of Hoods vary in style from tame to oh my god would will wear this hood. We have half hoods, whole face hoods, a double lined leather hood which is by far the best on the market. Eurotique new offer is our latex collection from the tame
Eurotique has the largest offering of Mouth Gags made Leather, Wood, Latex, Plastic, Metal, Medical Play, and Leather on the market today, we designed this collection to cover the wide spectrum of products, and continue to add product frequently. We su
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